This site is for testing, learning, home-labbing and maybe some posting. It's not up 100% of the time because it doesn't need to be.
No analytics, no cookies, just logs...endless, endless server logs.

25-OCT-2023:: It's truly no great expense, but...
I really did not expect to have to debate as hard as I did when it came to renewing this domain.

While the site may not have changed at all, lots of stuff is going on in the background. Really want to get used to LAMP style development. Coming from a full .net development system, it's so foreign to not have an IDE that can make changes, test then publish in a few clicks. In all of this, however, from the server end, it feels like I could have made this a simple container and not an entire server. Live and learn. Maybe this next iteration will come back as something pretty scaled down.